Gradebook: How do I set up Letters for ANU Scales?

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Setting up Letters in Gradebook

In Moodle, it is recommended to use Letters to reflect the ANU grading scale. Lecturers can set up their gradebook to display letters instead of the grade percentage.

Below is the corresponding percentages and letters, according to the ANU grading scale:



100% - 80%


79% - 70%


69% - 60%


59% - 50%


49% - 0%


Note: Letters can NOT be set up at the activity level in Moodle. It can ONLY be set up via Grades/Gradebook as listed below.


Step 1

In your course, go to Gradebook Setup in the Administration Block

Step 2

Edit settings in activity within Gradebook Setup
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Once on the Gradebook Setup page, go to the activity to which you wish to apply the letter scale, and click on "Edit" then choose "Edit settings" from the drop down menu.

Step 3

activity settings page
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This will take you to the settings page for that activity. Click on "Show more" to open out more options

Step 4

Grade display options menu
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In the opened out settings, open the drop down menu in "Grade display type" to display the grading display options.  Select which type of grade (or combination) you wish to display to students and save changes.

Step 5

grade display type example
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Any grading you do for that item will appear in Grader Report in letter format, or a combination of letters and percentages or other combinations depending one which grade display you choose.  The illustration is of a Letter (percentage) type that shows a letter grade accompanied by a percentage. 

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