Gradebook: How do I see my Gradebook?

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This guide will show you how to see your Gradebook.



Step 1

Administration tab in Wattle
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To access the Wattle Gradebook.

Open your wattle course site.

Then Click on the Administration tab on the left side of your course page.

Step 2

Gradebook Setup
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The Administration table then opens. Scroll down the list and click on Gradebook Setup.

Step 3

Gradebook set up page
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The Gradebook Setup then opens in a new screen.

Step 4

Drop down menu highlighting Grader Report
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In the Gradebook Setup Page, you will see a drop down menu at the top.  Open this and select "Grader Report"

Step 5

Grader Report page
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Grader Report will now open out in a new screen

Step 6

List of participants in Grader Report
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In the Grader Report you will find a listing of all of the participants in your course and their email addresses running vertically in a column.

Step 7

Grader Report assignments
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If you scroll across horizontally you will see that all assessment items which you have created in your Wattle course are entered into the Gradebook.

It is here that you are also able to manually enter assessment items into the Gradebook.

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