Gradebook: How do I hide Grades from students?

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Lecturers sometimes want to hide grades and feedback until marking is complete and finalised, and then release them all at once.

The steps below explains how to hide the grades manually.


Step 1

Image of Wattle administration panel
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To hide grades from students, go to your Wattle course site and Turn editing on.

Click on the Administration Tab located on the left of your screen and select Gradebook Setup.

Step 2

Image of Gradebook setup page
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You will be brought to the Gradebook Setup page.

Step 3

Image of action menu in Gradebook set up
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You will then see all of the assessments in the course.

Find the assessment item you want to hide > go to the “Edit” menu under the Actions heading > select “Hide”.

If you wish to hide everything within a category, click “Edit” for the category and select “Hide”. All items in the category will be hidden. The items will be a lighter shade of grey if they are hidden.


Step 4

Gradebook Save Changes
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Scroll to the bottom of the Gradebook screen and click Save changes.

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