Gradebook: How do I hide a grade until a specified date?

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How do I hide a grade until a specified date?

This shows you how to use the Grade item settings in Gradebook Setup to hide the grades from participants, for a particular assignment, until a date of your choosing.  The settings used are in Gradebook Setup and this action will NOT hide the grade item, or assessment activity, itself.  It will only hide any grades you allocate to each student.  The students will see the activity but will not see their grades until the date you have set.  If you wish to hide the grade item, or assessment activity itself, from the student view, you must do that in the activity settings.


Step 1

Administration tab in Wattle
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Go to the Administration tab on the left side of your course screen.

Step 2

Gradebook setup in admin block
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Scroll down in the Administration Table to Gradebook Setup.

Step 3

Edit settings tab on item in Gradebook Setup
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When the Gradebook Set up choose the item whose grade you wish to hide and  click "Edit" in the Action column.  This will give you a drop down menu, where you should choose "Edit settings."

Step 4

Edit options for grade item
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This will open out editing options for that grade item.  Open out more options by clicking on "show more."

Step 5

expanded options in edit gradebook item, showing tick box for "hidden" and date settings
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The expanded options include a tick box for "hidden" and for enabling a date.  Tick both boxes and choose a date after which the grade should be revealed, then click "save changes."  The grade will now be hidden from participants until the date set. NB the student will see the grade item, or the assessment activity in the course and in their User Report, but they will not see the mark allocated until the date set.

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