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How do I edit my Gradebook?

You are able to manually enter grades into the Gradebook.

Going back to Gradebook Setup, you can add assessment items which you have marked off line (such as class presentations, discussion group assessments, etc) and then manually enter those marks into the Gradebook via Grader Report yourself at a later stage.

Note: If you have regular assignments, it is strongly recommended that grades should be entered or edited within the activities, e.g. quizzes, Moodle assignments and Turnitin assignments.


Step 1

Turn edit on button
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Go to the top Right corner of your Wattle site and click Turn editing on.

Step 2

Grades in Navigation tab
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Go to the Navigation panel and select Grades

Step 3

Grader Report page
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You will then be taken to Grader Report

Step 4

Grader Report. ANU Wattle
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The new screen Grader Report then appears.

Step 5

Turn edit on in grader report
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When in the Grader Report, screen you will also need to go to the top right hand corner of the Grader Report screen and click the Turn Editing On icon again on this new screen

Step 6

Editing on view in grader report
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You will now see additional editing tools within the Grader Report.

Step 7

additional editing tools plus hide icon
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You can manually enter grades here in the boxes, as for the guide "How do I manually enter grades?" guide. For additional settings, click the Edit Grade icon above the grade entry box.  You can use the small eye icon to hide individual grades, or grades in a whole assignment (at the top of the column).  You can add or edit feedback by clicking on the small cog.

Step 8

Grader report edit field
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When clicking on the Edit grade icon you are taken into an Edit Grade field.

Here you can change other aspects of the Grade, such as providing specific Feedback for the student, or hiding the assignment until a specific date, or locking the assignment after a specific date.  Once you have made your edits, click "Save changes" at the bottom.

Step 9

Back in the Grader Report main page, Any changes made when editing is on will be automatically saved

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