Gradebook: How can I stop tutors from changing marks?

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Sometimes lecturers would prefer tutors not to edit marks when grades are being moderated.

The following steps explain how stop tutors from changing marks in Gradebook. This only applies to the tutor role. Other lectures in the course are still able to edit the grades.


Step 1

Screen shot of admin panel showing Gradebook Setup option
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Click on the Administration block on the left side of your Wattle course and select Gradebook Setup.

Step 2

Screen shot of gradebook set up page
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The Gradebook Setup Page appears.

Step 3

Screenshot of options to lock Gradebook
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To lock individual items, find the individual item > go to the "Edit" menu under Actions > select "Edit Settings" from the drop-down menu.

To lock all items in a category, go to the "Edit" menu for the category > select "Edit settings" from the drop-down menu.

Step 4

Screen shot of options to lock items
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In the Edit grade item settings, tick the "Locked" box and this will prevent editing for the individual items. 

If you are editing the settings for the category via the Edit tab under Actions, the same action applies, and it will lock all items in the category.

Step 5

Note: When the padlock is locked, no assessment items can be changed.

If you subsequently wish to change a grade, you will then need to click on the locked icon to unlock it in order to change that grade.

Step 6

Grader Report Save Changes. ANU Wattle
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Scroll to the bottom left side of the Grader Report screen and click Save changes.

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