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The Gradebook is a central location where instructors can view and edit grades and basic feedback for the students to view. 



  • Available anywhere with an internet connection. 

  • Allows you and students to view and keep track of progress without delays. 

  • Does all the calculations for you so you don’t double up work by keeping a separate spreadsheet then enter results again at the end. 

  • Also, teaching staff can retain a large degree of control over when grades are displayed, so adjustments and moderation can be made. 



For further information on assessment go to Wattle Basics Online and self-enrol in this course, then go to the section called “Assessment and Grading.” 



Step 1

Ensure Gradebook has been set up correctly 

If you haven’t done so, see Set Up Gradebook before entering any grades into the Gradebook. 

Step 2
View your Gradebook report

  • Click on Grades in the Nav Drawer (in the left hand side menu). 

  • In the Grader Report you will find a listing of all of the participants in your course. 

  • If you scroll across horizontally you will see that all assessment items you have created in your Wattle course in the order they were placed in the Gradebook setup. 

Step 3
Manually enter grades in the Gradebook (Basic)

For Turnitin Assignments, please see Turnitin marking. 

Warning:  Never override category course totals as this can interfere with calculations.

  • Click into the space next to the student's name that you wish to grade. 

  • Type in the grade then press tab to go to the next box (where you can type in feedback) and tab again to go to the next student down, or you can click in each box. 

  • For the last student you mark, you must click into a different box for the last grade to be saved. 

Assignments that have been graded within the Gradebook will be highlighted in an orange-yellow colour. 


Step 4
Manually enter, show and hide grades in the Gradebook (Advanced)

For Turnitin Assignments, please see Turnitin marking[link]. 

Warning:  Never override category course totals as this will interfere with course total calculations. 

  • Click Turn editing on at the top right corner. 

  • If you want to hide the grades for a whole assignment, click the top eye icon for the assessment item so it gets a line through it. 

  • You can then click the individual eye icons to open them for each student as you grade or wait until you have finished grading everyone and click the eye icon again so it is ‘open’. 

  • Click into the space next to the student's name that you wish to grade. 

  • Type in the grade then press tab to go to the next box (where you can type in feedback) and tab again to go to the next student down. 

  • It is a good idea to click Save changes regularly to avoid changes being lost. 

  • Clicking the cog next to each space will open up an ‘Edit grade’ window where you can type in a longer comment then click Save changes

Assignments that have been graded within the Gradebook will be highlighted in an orange-yellow colour. This highlighting indicates that the grade has been ‘Overridden’. If this item is associated with an activity that would normally feed a grade into the Gradebook, e.g. a quiz or a Turnitin Assignment, this grade entered directly in the Gradebook will replace any other results coming through from the activity. 

Step 5
Mark each assignment one by one

  • Click on the assignment name. 

  • Click Grade.  If there is no submission, click the next arrow at top right corner. 

  • View submission. 

  • Enter numerical grade 

  • Add feedback. 

  • Click Notify students if you would like to inform them straight away. 

  • Click Save and show next to grade the next student. 

Step 6
Grade by student

Warning:  Never override category course totals as this can interfere with calculations. 

  • From the Grader report, click on the pencil icon next to the student’s name. 

  • Enter the grades for the students, you may override marks already entered but be aware the student may have already seen their results. 

Please note:  If you want to adjust a Turnitin assignment mark, change within Turnitin itself. 

Step 7
Accessing other views

  • Click on Grades in the left menu. 

  • You can switch between Grader report, Grade history and User report by clicking on their tabs.  

The User Report shows how your students will see their grades for this course (they can only see their own).  Remember that the Gradebook is a critical form of communication for your students. 

Step 8
How do I know how much to mark out of?

The default Max grade is 100 but if you changed it yourself or have inherited a ‘rolled-over’ course they may need to be marked out of different amounts.  You can check and change this in the Gradebook setup or you can change the Grader report settings to show remind you. 

  • Click on Grades (if not already in Grader report). 

  • Click on the Setup Tab

  • Click on PreferencesGrader report 

  • Scroll down to Show ranges and select Yes

  • Scroll to bottom and click Save changes

  • Now you will be able to see the range to mark out of at the bottom of the Grader report just above the Overall average. 

Step 9
What to do if you accidentally overwrite category total

  • Click on Grades (if not already in Grader report). 

  • Click on Setup

  • Scroll to bottom and click Add category

  • Type in the name of the category you wish to replace and adjust settings if required. 

  • Click Save changes

  • Click the tick boxes of all items in the old category. 

  • Scroll down and select the second version of the category in the Move selected items to dropdown list. 

  • Move the new category to just above or below the old category by clicking on the double-ended arrow then selecting the space to move it to. 

  • Go to old category, click Edit and select Delete

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