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In Moodle 3.3 the Mail Now name had been changed to Send Forum Post Notifications with No Editing-Time Delay. If the forum post has this checkbox checked, the post will become immediately available in the forum.

Note: The email will be sent out according to the users' personal digest settings, which may or may not be immediate.

When lecturers check the Send Forum Post Notifications with No Editing-Time Delay checkbox and click Post to forum, lecturers will see the message below before returning to the forum.

There are three types of email digest type, if subscribed to a forum area:

  • No digest - single email each time when a new post is made.The post will be sent out immediately for this digest type.
  • Complete - one email per day after 5pm with full copies of all posts from all the forums.The post will be sent out after 5pm along with all the other posts.
  • Subjects - one email per day right after 5pm with subjects of all posts.The post subject will be sent out after 5pm along with subjects of all posts.

To communicate with the students with an immediate email, please refer to Email Your Class.  

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