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To encourage active learning throughout the duration of the course, you may want to set-up a chat room to facilitate online interactions.

You can now build this into your Wattle site.


Step 1

The Turn Editing On button in Wattle
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Go to the top right corner of your Wattle site and click Turn editing on.

Step 2

A Wattle page showing the "Add an activity or resource" button.
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In the section to which you would like to add the Chat, click on the + Add an activity or resource button.

Step 3

Select Chat from the Activities list
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Then select Chat from the drop-down list and click Add.

Step 4

Enter a title for your chat.
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On adding a new Chat, click on expand all (top right hand corner) to open up the sections.

Give the chat room a name and include a brief introductory description (optional).

Step 5

Edit the settings.
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Important note: When you set up a session, it will appear in the calendar so students know the schedule but it doesn't stop them accessing the chatroom at any other time. If you want to restrict sessions, see Steps 7 and 8.

Set a time when you want to publish the next chat.

Under repeat/publish session times, you will find these options:

  1. Don’t publish any chat times
  2. No repeats – publish the specified time only
  3. At the same time every day
  4. At the same time every week

Under save past sessions, choose from the dropdown how many days to save - or save everything by selecting Never delete messages. You can also decide whether or not to allow everyone to view past chat sessions.   

Step 6

Common Module Settings
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Common module settings

In this section you can change the Availability setting, show or hide the chat on the course page or keep the chat under stealth mode (i.e. Hide chat from course page but make it available via a direct link or the auto linking function - see Stealth Activity user guides for more information).

You can also specify the groups that you want to access the chat.

Step 7

Add any access restrictions.
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Restrict access

Allows the addition of any further restrictions you might want to add to the chat.

Click on the Add restriction button and a panel will pop up (see Step 8).


Step 8

Add restriction
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On the panel, you can add restrictions based on Activity completion, Date, Grade, Group, User profile and Restriction set.

Note: If you want the chat to be available only at a specific times (e.g. During a tutorial), you will need to set a date restriction for every session.

Step 9

Activity Completion
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Activity Completion:

This option is only available if Completion Tracking is enabled under Course administration. Students can use this to track their progress - an indicator is now available on their dashboard.

In the drop down menu beside Completion tracking, the Lecturer can choose from the options of:

  • Do not indicate activity completion
  • Students can manually mark the activity as completed
  • Show activity as complete when conditions are met

Expect completed on a certain date by ticking the enable box, and then setting an expected date.

Step 10

Click save and display.
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Click Save and display and you will be directed to enter the chat room on the next page.

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