Assignment: How to use the Marking Guide in Wattle

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The assignment activity allows the lecturer to communicate assessment tasks, collect work and provide grades and feedback.

There are 3 grading methods available from the drop down menu in the assignment activity. 

They are:

  • Simple direct grading (number scale)
  • Marking Guide or
  • Rubric

The following User Guide is a simple 'step by step' instruction on using the marking guide in Wattle.

Simply stated, a marking guide is a way to set up marking criterion and grading. It contains a marking criterion comment for each section of the assignment being assessed, and also provides a space for the mark which is allocated for that marking criteria section.

In order to ensure that the assignment is set up correctly, in the format that you wish for it to be marked, please refer to the ANU Online Wattle User Guide on 'Assignment' for the options which are available when setting up the assignment.

Further information and documentation on the extensive use of the Assignment activity can be found on the Moodle website


Step 1

Select marking guide
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Setting up your assignment to use marking guide

Set up your Assignment following the standard pattern. Instructions for setting up an Assignment can be found in the ANU Online Wattle User Guide on 'Assignment'.

When creating the assignment in the section titled Grading Method select Marking Guide from the drop down menu.

Set the other features of the assignments as required, and then click Save and display - If you select Save and return to course, you will need to set up the marking guide under Administration > Advanced grading > Define marking guide.

Step 2

New marking guide
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You are then taken to the Advanced grading screen where you can select from either:

  • Define new grading form from scratch
  • Create new grading form from a template.

Step 3

Details and define criteria
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A new screen appears where you add the Name of the marking guide and a description. Under Marking guide, you can define a set of criteria. You can:

  • Click to edit criterion name
  • Edit the Description for Students and Description for Markers
  • Define the Maximum mark for this criterion

You can add additional criterion by clicking + Add criterion.

Step 4

Frequently used comments
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Frequently used comments can be added to your marking guide to save re-typing of the same feedback.

You can also elect to

  • Show guide definition to students and
  • Show marks per criterion to students

When you have ensured that the comments and other options for your marking guide are set. Click Save marking guide and make it ready.

Step 5

grade assignment
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To Grade the assignment

After you have set up your assignment and have finished creating your marking guide, it will be available on the Wattle course page and students will be able to submit their assignments when it is open for submission.

To grade the assignment, click on the assignment from your Wattle course page and select View all submissions. If you select Grade, you will be brought directly to the grading page of the first student that appears on your list (i.e. alphabetical) regardless if he/she has made the submission.

Step 6

select assignment to grade
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When the students have submitted their assignment, their Status will be updated from 'No submission' to 'Submitted for grading'.

To grade an assignment click on the corresponding Grade button.

Step 7

Annotating submission
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You will now be brought to the grading page of the specific student you selected. You can annotate the file using the highlighted tools above the submission. The marking guide can be found on the right.

Step 8

Using the marking guide
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Input the grade and comments for each criterion as prompted. If you've previously added Frequently used comments, click on the button and the list of comments will show in a pop-up screen where you can select the most appropriate comment. Alternatively, you can write in specific comments for each criterion.

The final grade will be collated and calculated for you after you've input the grades for all criteria.

Step 9

Feedback comments
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After you've input the grades for all criteria, you can scroll down to provide overall Feedback comments or upload a Feedback file.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save changes. You can also select to notify students once you have graded the assignment.

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