Assignment: How to mark assignments and give feedback in Wattle

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The assignment activity allows the lecturer to communicate assessment tasks, collect work and provide grades and feedback.

In order to ensure that the assignment is set up correctly, in the format that you wish for it to be marked, please refer to the ANU Online Wattle User Guide on 'Assignment' for the options which are available when setting up the assignment.

Further information and documentation on the extensive use of the Assignment activity can be found on the Moodle website

The following User Guide is a simple 'step by step' instruction on marking an assignment in Wattle.


Step 1

Wattle Assignment
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On the Wattle course page, click on the assignment that you wish to mark.

Step 2

Grade summary
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On the Grading Summary page that opens, you can choose to either open View all submissions or Grade.

If you click on View all submissions, you will be able to see a list of all submissions, when they were submitted and if the submissions have been graded.

If you click on Grade, you will be brought to an individual assignment for grading. You can then navigate to other submissions from there (see step 7).

Step 3

Grading summary
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On the grading action page you will see the submitted assignment information organised in columns.

From the left side of the screen the columns contain the student’s names, their ID numbers and email addresses listed vertically.

The subsequent columns also include the Status of the assignment which has been submitted for grading, the Allow submisssions from and Due date of the assignment, the Group which the student belongs to (if applicable), the Grade and Edit columns, the Last modified (submission) column which shows the Date and time the submission was last modified, the assignments file submission, Online text and/or ePortfolio columns depending on how you set up your assignment, followed by the comments, feedback and final grades columns.

Step 4

Grading action
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Under the Grading action dropdown, you will be able to:

  • Download all submissions
  • Download grading worksheet (if enabled) - You will download an excel spreadsheet with all the relevant columns for grading
  • Upload grading worksheet (if enabled) - After completing the spreadsheet mentioned above, you can upload it via this option
  • Upload multiple feedback files in a zip
  • View gradebook

Step 5

Download submission
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Scrolling down the list of student names, you can view a PDF assignment by clicking on that student's assignment link, which is located in the File submissions column.

If the assignment had been set as an online text assignment, then go to the Online text column and click on the relevant View submissions icon (which looks like a small magnifying glass).

If the assignment had been set as an ePortfolio assignment, you can follow the link under ePortfolio to access the submitted page or collection.

Step 6

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To mark the student's submission, go to the Grade column and click on the Grade button. If you are changing a previously marked grade, click Edit.

Step 7

Grading page
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On the grading page that appears, you can:

  1. Scroll through all submissions by user in the top right hand corner
  2. Download or view the submission
  3. Give a grade either by point or scale (this is based on how you set up the assignment)

When you scroll down on the page, you will be able to give feedback in a variety of ways.

Step 8

Feedback via a comment
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You can write you comments directly into the Feedback comments field.

Step 9

Feedback file
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You can also upload a file (e.g. Word document or PDF) to Feedback files.

Step 10

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If you enabled PoodLL as a feedback type under your assignment settings, you will also to make an audio recording to provide feedback for the assignment. Ensure your microphone is connected and you have saved your audio file after recording. 

Step 11

If the assignment being marked is a group assignment, you may decide to click on Yes in the Group submission settings to Apply grades and feedback to entire group.

Step 12

Notify student
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Scroll down and you can select if you would like to Notify students that their grade and feedback are now available. This will send an email to the student to let them know their grades are available.

Please note: if you have hidden the grades or activity, the students will not be able to access them, even if they receive the email.

Click on Save Changes to save the grade allocated.


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