Announcements (formerly known as news forum)

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An Announcements forum displays in the top of the central section of every course.

It is used by course convenors or facilitators to make announcements, or provide updates and news to all participants in a course. It is a 'one way' means of communication and participants cannot respond or initiate discussions.

There are some modifications you can do, if you wish. (See steps below)



Step 1

Announcements Edit Pencil
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Rename the announcements forum

You can rename the announcements forum to another name you prefer, such as "Latest News" or "Updates".

To change, click on the small pen icon next to the existing Announcements name.

You will then be able to edit the title. 

Once you have changed the name, hit enter to save the new title.


Step 2

Announcements Edit Hide
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Hiding Announcements

To hide your Announcements, click on "Edit" on the right side of the Announcements tab > then select Hide

Announcements will now be hidden from students

To make Announcements available again

Click "Edit" > then select "Show"

Announcements are now visible to students.





Step 3

Announcements Updating Forum
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Changing the description

Click on "Edit" > then select "Edit Settings"

Type in a new description in the "Description" text field. You can also change the Forum name in the tab above if you wish.

To save click "Save and return to course" or "Save and Display"

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