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The Announcements forum is for general news and information that you might like to communicate to students. It automatically appears at the top of your course in the General section.



The Announcements forum is a great way to communicate news to students. Its unique features are:

  • Students automatically have “forced subscription”, so will receive your messages in their email (usually at 5:30pm each day)
  • Only lecturers (and similar) can post, and students cannot reply
  • The most recent messages can also be displayed in the Latest announcements block
  • Students can refer to the forum for past messages whenever needed.


Step 1

To make any changes to your Announcements forum go to the Gear menu (cog icon, top-right) and click Turn editing on.

Step 2

To send a message, go to your Announcements forum, click Add a new topic and compose your announcement. You can insert images, audio and video, and attach different types of files. You can also enable the announcement to appear for a determined timeframe under Display period.

Step 3

Participants enrolled in your course will receive a daily email ‘digest’ at approximately 5:30pm, containing all their messages from announcements and forums throughout Wattle. To read more view Set up a forum and Profiles and preferences.

Step 4

To add a Latest announcements block, which will show the three latest announcements at a glance, go to the hamburger menu at the top left of your screen and scroll down to the bottom to select Add a block. Then select Latest announcements. Once you have created the Latest Announcement block you can open the Gear menu within the block by clicking on the cog icon. From here you can configure or hide your announcement block, edit or check permissions.

Step 5

To hide the Announcements forum from your course site click Edit to open a drop-down menu and select Hide. The Announcements forum is now hidden from students until you return to Edit and select Show.

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