Add Activities and Resources

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This guide provides details on adding content and interactivity to your course. 



Resources and Activities allow for content and interactivity to be added into your course page.

  • Activities invite student interaction such as a Quiz, Forum, Wiki, Glossary and many more.
  • Resources are largely static, and include File, Book, Course outline, etc. Label allows you to put headings and text on your course page.

The Add an activity or resource pop-up window gives the full list of options, with a brief description of each. 


Step 1

Click on Turn editing on located to the top right corner of the course site.

Step 2

In the section (i.e. week or topic) of your course where you want to add the item, click on Add an activity or resource

Step 3

Select the activity or resource you wish to add from the list. A summary description will appear when clicking on the "i" icon of the activity. You can also click on More help which will direct you to the Moodle docs for more information.


Shortcut for files- Images and documents can also be added directly onto the main course page by dragging and dropping the files directly into the relevant course section. 

Step 4

Click the desired activity or resource and work through the options in the form. There is help throughout the form – click on the question mark icons for further information. 

Some items which appear for most resources and activities include: 

  • Common module settings- Use this option to hide or display this item. This can also be managed in the Edit menu located to the right of each item on the main course page. 
  • Restrict access- This section can be used to reveal items e.g.: on a particular date; to specific groups of students; based on specific criteria such as passing a quiz or submitting an assignment. 
  • Completion tracking- If you have turned on completion tracking for your course, use this to determine how students get a tick (i.e. are marked complete) for this item. Lecturers can manually override course completion items for individual students.