Add Activities and Resources

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This guide provides details on adding content and interactivity to your course. 



Resources and Activities allow for content and interactivity to be added into your course page.

  • Activities invite student interaction such as a Quiz, Forum, Wiki, Glossary and many more.
  • Resources are largely static, and include File, Book, Course outline, etc. Label allows you to put headings and text on your course page.

The Add an activity or resource pop-up window gives the full list of options, with a brief description of each. 


Step 1

Click on the Gear menu (cog icon, top-right), and select Turn editing on.

Step 2

In the section (i.e. week or topic) of your course where you want to add the item, click on Add an activity or resource

Step 3

Select the activity or resource you wish to add from the list. A summary description will appear in the right column with the features for that activity or resource, and often a link to More help in the Moodle docs.


Shortcut for files- Images and documents can also be added directly onto the main course page by dragging and dropping the files directly into the relevant course section. 

Step 4

Click the Add button and work through the options in the form. There is help throughout the form – click on the question mark icons for further information. 

Some items which appear for most resources and activities include: 

  • Common module settings- Use this option to hide or display this item. This can also be managed in the Edit menu located to the right of each item on the main course page. 
  • Restrict access- This section can be used to reveal items e.g.: on a particular date; to specific groups of students; based on specific criteria such as passing a quiz or submitting an assignment. 
  • Completion tracking- If you have turned on completion tracking for your course, use this to determine how students get a tick (i.e. are marked complete) for this item. As of Dec 2018, lecturers can manually override course completion items for individual students.