Add a block

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Blocks allow you to display information or provide different functionality in your course, e.g.:

  • display a Clock
  • provide a Comments box
  • show a random glossary entry

There are a number of different types of blocks for you to select from.


Blocks can display key information outside of the regular flow of the content of your course, so they are often used for details like student representatives and staff office hours. They can also provide specific activities and resources to engage your students.



On a wide screen, blocks appear in the right-hand column -- it is no longer possible to have them on the left. On a narrow screen such as a mobile phone, blocks are moved to the bottom of the window, to maximise the central content space.  This may mean students using mobile device are less likely to notice information in blocks.  Conisder designing your course to work equally well without blocks.



Step 1

Click Turn editing on located on the top right corner of the course site.

Step 2

Open the Nav Drawer (if necessary), using the Hamburger menu, top left. Scroll to the bottom of the Nav drawer and click Add a block.

Step 3

A list of block types will appear. From this list select the type of block you would like to add to your course.

Step 4

The new block will now appear in the right hand column of your course, usually at the bottom.

Step 5

You can then edit and configure the block information by clicking on the Gear menu (cog icon) in that block; or move it to a different position by using the cross icon to drag it up or down.

Step 6

If you would like to remove a block, go to the Gear menu (top-right within the block) and select the delete block option .