Lecturer Guide: How to Use Turnitin's Grademark

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The Submission Inbox.


Step 1

Turnitin Submission Inbox
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Access the GradeMark view from the Submission Inbox.

Step 2

Turnitin Student Paper
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From the Submission Inbox you can see the list of enrolled students and whether or not they have submitted their assignment.

If a student has submitted the assignment, you will see the title of the submission/s.

Click on the title of the assignment you want to mark.



Step 3

Turnitin Grademark
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The assignment will open in a Document Viewer window.

Step 4

Turnitin Grademark
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You know that you are in the Grade Markview if "Grademark" is the active button at the top left of the window.

Step 5

Turnitin Grademark 3
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Parts of the Grademark Document Viewer Window.

Submission Info.

The Submission Info. button is found at the lower left of the document viewer. It contains important information about the assignment such as submission ID, submission date, file size, overall originality score and number of comments.

Step 6

Turnitin Printer button
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Printer Button.

The Printer button is found at the lower left of the document viewer.

Choose Download PDF of current view for printing to save a copy of the submission in pdf including all comments and feedback.

Choose Download PDF of digital receipt for printing for a digital receipt that includes information such as submission ID, title, date and time.

Choose Download submitted file to download the file that was submitted by the student.

Step 7

Turnitin Sliding Tool
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Sliding Tool

Use the Sliding tool to zoom the document 'in' or 'out'. 

Step 8

Turnitin QuickMark Manager
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Right Side Bar - QuickMark manager

The QuickMark Manager displays one of the options to grade or give feedback.

Step 9

Turnitin Quickmark Comments
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QuickMark comments

QuickMarks are common or standard editing marks you can use as you review and grade your students submission.

They are stored in sets on the QuickMark manager.

Step 10

Turnitin QuickMark tool
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To Use the QuickMark tool, select your set.

Step 11

QuickMark Edit Step 11
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Find the area in the assignment that you want to add a QuickMark to. There are 2 ways to add the mark.

1. Highlight the text and select the QuickMark


2. Drag the QuickMark to an area of the assignment.

Hover over the mark to read the explanation.

Step 12

Turnitin.Step.12.Additional Comments
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Click Edit to leave your comment then Save.

Step 13

Turnitin Add a standalone comment
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To add a standalone comment, click anywhere on the assignment text.

Type your comment on the text field of the comment box that will appear.

Step 14

Turnitin Criterion section
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Criterion section

If you've attached a rubric you can associate a criterion with each mark.

Step 15

Turnitin. Step 15 Save
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Click Save to complete your comment/s.

Step 16

Turnitin. Creating your own QuickMark
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Creating your Own QuickMark

To create your own QuickMark, click anywhere on the document to display the comment box.

Add your own comment to the text box.

Click the Save as new QuickMark link when you are done.

Step 17

Turnitin. Give Quickmark a name
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Give your QuickMark a title and select which set you want to append it.

Click Save

Step 18

Turnitin. Deleting text
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Deleting text

Highlight the text you want to delete and hit delete or backspace on your keyboard.

The strikethrough means the text should be deleted by the student.


Step 19

Turnitin Bubble icon
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General comments

Click the Bubble icon (1) at the lower right of the document viewer to leave general comments about your students work.

To leave a Voice Comment (2) click on the microphone, then the stop button (3) if you're done with your comment/s. 3 minutes is the maximum length of each voice comment.

To leave a gerneral Text Comment (4) click on the pencil, enter your comment and click Save.

Step 20

Turnitin. Comments List
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Comments List

Click on the Comments List button at the lower right of the document viewer to display all the marks and comments you've made on the assignment per page.

Step 21

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The Rubric button found at the lower right of the document viewer displays the rubric attached to the assignment. You can use it to grade the assignment by clicking on the corresponding criterion value.

When you're done grading, click on Apply rubric percentage to grade.

Step 22

Turnitin. Update the score
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It will update the score next to the Similarity Index.

Step 23

Turnitin Wrench Icon
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If no rubric has been attached to the assignment yet, click on the icon of the wrench to open the Rubric/Form Manager.

Step 24

Turnitin Rubrics Option button
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Click the View available rubrics and rubrics options button on the upper left of the window.

This will display all the available rubrics. Choose the appropriate rubric.

Step 25

Turnitin.Attach Rubric button
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On the upper right of the Rubric/Form Manager window click the Attach this rubric to this assignment button and close the window.

The rubric is now attached to the assignment.

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