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SDZ Overview

ANU has procured a cloud-based platform, StrategyDotZero (SDZ), which is an enterprise system that supports strategy execution. The core SDZ product comprises modules that cover:

  • Strategy, Business Planning and Risk Management
  • Portfolio, Program and Project Management (P3M)
  • Governance
  • Benefits Management

The Benefits

The SDZ platform will enhance the transparency and visibility of core activities contributing towards the delivery of the ANU Strategic Plan and provides the University with the following benefits:

  • linking all plans across multiple organisational owners in a matrix design;
  • linking major projects and initiatives to plans to visualise their progress;
  • the ability to assess all initiatives associated with specific objectives irrespective of which organisational structure is responsible for delivering them;
  • building a risk culture by actively identifying, evaluating and monitoring risks in various contexts;
  • managing agendas, decision-making and actions arising from governance functions;
  • reducing the need for manual data input using smart information management.

SDZ Implementation

Implementation of SDZ comprises a number of stages:

Stage 1: Strategy, Business Planning and Risk Management (complete).

Stage 2: Portfolio, Program and Project Management (Aug-Dec)

Stage 3: Governance (Aug)

Stage 4: Benefits Management (Oct-Dec)


To apply for access to SDZ, please complete and return the SDZ user access request form available from the ‘reference documents’ section on the right of this webpage.

If you require SDZ user training please contact

How to get help

The Planning and Review team can be contacted for help, feedback or suggestions at any time at