Software purchase guidelines

To request software directly from the Software Licencing Team, log a job with the Service Desk and include:

  1. Your name and contact details
  2. Your computer serial number or service tag number
  3. The software name, version and platform required
  4. Vendor (if known)
  5. Cost (if known)
  6. Budget code & written authorisation from a financial delegate
  7. How many licenses needed (how many users will there be?)
  8. Who will use it and what for?

When processing a software request where no current agreement exists, such as Adobe and Microsoft products, the Software Licencing Team will decide if a 'one-off' purchase, a bulk purchase, or site license is required. For a bulk purchase or site license the software to be purchased must:

  • Have broad campus use* and/or
  • Bring substantial cost savings to the University-5% or greater-by arranging the purchase centrally.

*Broad campus use cannot be defined precisely, but as a guide we expect the software has broad application across most Colleges. You will receive a response to your software request within 48 hours. In some cases you will be asked for more information.

In the event that a bulk purchase or site license is required the below process will be followed:

  1. Following the request, the Software Licencing Team will send out an email to LITSS to assess the need within other areas on campus.
  2. The Software Licencing Team will evaluate the responses.
  3. If there is a clear administrative or cost advantage then a bulk purchase or site license will be organised. This may involve:
    • Organising a meeting of interested parties. It is expected that the persons participating in the meeting will have the authority of their budget area to commit the area to a purchase. At this meeting, details of the components of the purchase will be discussed.
    • A price for the software will be negotiated with the vendor.
    • Participating areas will be advised of the cost and requested to confirm participation by providing a budget code for cost recovery.
    • The Software Licencing Team will collect and distribute the software media to participating areas.

Participation after purchase has been effected

The method used to process late participation is determined by the license type:

  1. Site Licenses-ANU pays a standard amount for a maximum number of users (eg S-Plus, SAS, SPSS)
  2. Individual Licenses-while a bulk purchase for many areas may be arranged, the license is still based on individual copies purchased (eg. Genstat).

Areas wishing to join a bulk purchase or site license (type 1) after the purchase date has been made and costs apportioned will, if it is possible under the license, be charged the same amount as participating areas pro-rated for the days remaining in the license period they joined. At the end of the license period, the income and expenditure will be calculated.

In the case of the type 2 licenses, like some bulk purchases latecomers are likely to have to pay a higher cost per license as they will be part of a smaller buying pool, as the cost is dependent on the numbers participating at the time of the purchase. The higher the license numbers, the lower the cost. New license cannot be added to the original purchase.

The Software Licencing Team will ensure that those who decide to participate at a later date will not financially disadvantage those who commit themselves initially to a software purchase.

Your Local IT Support Staff can download software media, or it can be collected from the Software Licencing Team located at:

Building 43  
Biology Place W.K. Hancock - West Wing The Australian National University  Collection times are 10am-12pm, Mon-Fri.