Requesting research be moved to another qualtrics licence or account

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As a matter of course when you leave the University you should agree with your Head of School who will have responsibility for and custodianship of research data  developed during your time at the ANU to ensure ANU can meet its contractual, legislative, ethics, privacy and records management obligations.

As part of this agreement, and provided it meets the criteria below, then you can request your research be move or reassigned to another ANU team member.

You can also request Qualtrics move your research to your new institutions Qualtrics account. However to do this you will need approval from the ANU.

There are a number of important considerations you need to work through before you request to transfer research between colleagues or across institutions, including:

Please note it is not appropriate to retain data collected by coursework students beyond completion and grade declaration, unless the work is published or further developed or the IP was explicitly transferred to the University or another party (Section 12 of Guideline: Conduct of Research). As a result ANU will not transfer or enable access to students research without the explicit consent of the student or other supporting documentation.

Before submitting your request you must have reviewed all research in your account and ensure that you can answer questions about your surveys in relation to all the above points.

You can request transfer of your research to a colleague by emailing the Institutional Research Team, providing written approval and transfer details.

More information can be provided on request by reaching out to the Institutional Research Team at

In order to request your research be transferred to a non ANU instance of Qualtrics, the request will need approval of the relevant ANU Head of School under which the research was performed. Heads of School have responsibility for decisions on custodianship of research data on an employee’s departure or retirement from the ANU as outlined in section 11 of the ANU Guideline on Conduct of Research If as part of your departure you have not yet agreed to a plan for ongoing custodianship for all of your research data generated while at the ANU with your head of school please do so before applying to transfer your accounts.