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Qualtrics at ANU

The Australian National University provides all ANU staff and students access to Qualtrics survey software. The software can be used to run surveys for academic research, teaching and learning, administrative support and improvement purposes.

Qualtrics (CoreXM) is an easy to use web-based survey platform supporting:

  • a range of questionnaires templates and survey questions
  • survey creation and editing
  • expert review of questions and responses
  • specialised studies including Conjoint Analyses and MaxDiff
  • distribution of invitations
  • statistical analysis of responses
  • real-time response monitoring and reporting
  • mobile device compatible
  • an app for off-line data collection
  • QR-code

The ANU Privacy Officer has approved Qualtrics software. For details please see the Privacy Impact Assessment for Qualtrics.

Qualtrics has also been white listed by the University’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). If you require information on how data is stored and managed by Qualtrics to support a research application, please contact evaluations@anu.edu.au.

How to access Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is available for use by all ANU students and staff.

Your ANU email address in UID format can be used to establish an account, sign in with SSO and create surveys. Please create an account through ANU.Qualtrics.com.

If you are unable to access your existing account, please email evaluations@anu.edu.au for assistance.

If you are leaving the ANU and would like to request that your research be moved to another Qualtrics Licence or Account, please visit the user guide.

If you are facilitating external research collaborations within the ANU Qualtrics account, please visit the user guide.

Qualtrics User Training

Easy to follow online training videos and full instruction are available on the Qualtrics XM platform pages.

To see an overview of how Qualtrics is used in Education please see Qualtrics in Education - a practical guide.


Qualtrics provide online support to assist users in using the product. Details can be found at Qualtrics.com/support.

To submit a support question, log into Qualtrics support via SSO. Once you are logged into your account, clicking the "?" in the top right hand corner of the screen will provide options to access: support articles, XM Basecamp (Qualtrics learning platform), and to log a ticket to Qualtrics support.

The Institutional Research team in the Planning and Service Performance Division can also provide advice on using Qualtrics. Please contact them through evaluations@anu.edu.au or (x51222). Please note that, Institutional Research can support account queries, but technical support and advice is best sought from Qualtrics directly.

Human Research Ethics Approval

All Qualtrics system users need to take steps to determine if their proposed survey is subject to Human Research Ethics requirements.  

Information on the University’s Human Research Ethics, approval processes and dates can be found on the ANU Human Ethics - About Us webpage. Please also review Before you begin. Research activities using the Qualtrics platform to collect data should ensure that participants are given participant information as part of establishing informed consent.

Surveying ANU Students

Use of Qualtrics, or any other survey software, to run surveys on ANU students as a population is governed by the University Student Surveys and Evaluations Procedure.

This procedure exists in order to:

  • protect our students from survey burden and fatigue
  • ensure the University has agency over which surveys are advertised and promoted to our student population
  • preserve, where necessary, agency over how results from these surveys will be used and to ensure the University has the capacity to apply and respond to any important learnings
  • preserve survey windows for key student activities, like exams, and to protect key internal survey response rates
  • ensure ANU student data, including contact details, are captured, stored and handled in accordance with privacy and HESA legislation and meets the CISO’s cybersecurity requirements
  • ensure that surveys adhere to ACT gambling legislation, should the survey include prize draws or other incentives
  • ensure that research proposals involving ANU students have been considered and approved by a human research ethics committee.

To ensure these outcomes are met, Planning and Service Performance enforce survey blackout periods, manage access to population samples and support a survey application and approval process. More details can be found on the Non-Standard Student Surveys page.

For advice on whether your proposed survey is subject to this procedure please contact the Institutional Research team at evaluations@anu.edu.au.