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University Services Feedback project

The University services feedback framework aims at:

  • enabling feedback on any University service, at any point in time
  • providing guidance on responding to feedback and agreed timeframes
  • defining a process for the collection and management of feedback, and
  • facilitating the categorisation, storage and reporting of feedback data.

The University Services Feedback eForm, which facilitates the University services feedback framework, was released on 31 January 2018.

Further details on the above project and eForms can be found on the University Services Feedback webpage.

About the reports

The Feedback eForm reports via ANU Insight augments the functionality of the University Services Feedback eForm with a reporting capability. These reports are built for:

  • increasing visibility of the Feedback eForm workflow progress
  • reducing time and effort in compiling and distributing feedback data
  • visualising summarised feedback information, and
  • enabling service lead to monitor form usage.

The current Feedback eForm reports available to D3 and above delegates University wide in ANU Insight are:

Report Description

Feedback eForm tracking list

Detail report lists Feedback eForms with tracking information including current form workflow step and owner, form status (overdue, not overdue), and ERMS link to completed form.

Feedback eForm contributor summary

Summary report lists contributors. It can be filtered to show a subset of contributors meeting criteria such as contributor type, contributor organisation unit, feedback type, targeting service identified by contributor, contribution time range, and etc.

Feedback eForm contributor detail

Detail report lists contribution(s) made by a specified contributor, searchable by name or ID. It can be filter to show a subset of contributions meeting criteria such as feedback type, targeting service identified by contributor, contribution time range.

Feedback by service snapshot

Dashboard summarises University-wide Feedback eForm activities by service division of a given time period, with drill-down capability to Feedback by category snapshot report.

Feedback by category snapshot

Dashboard summarises service division specific Feedback eForm activities by category of a given time period.

Feedback time-series

Dashboard visualises University-wide and service division specific Feedback eForm activities trend over time with month-over-month and year-over-year comparison.

A summary level report on the usage of the University Services Feedback eForm is available to all members of the University community in ANU Insight and via the University Services Feedback webpage.

Report Description

Monthly feedback to ANU service snapshot

This dashboard summaries University-wide Feedback eForm activities for the last month.

The underlying data for all the above reports are refreshed daily.

Report delivery

The Feedback eForm reports are available through the ANU Insight portal and can be run at any time by staff who have access to the reports by logging into the ANU Insight portal. To obtain access to ANU Insight, please refer to the section below.

Obtaining access to the reports

Due to the potentially private and sensitive nature of feedback, access to the Feedback eForm reports is limited to D3 and above delegates. Additional access may be granted on approval by contacting Planning & Service Performance.

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Getting help and assistance

Feedback eForm report users seeking help understanding the reports and/or their data should contact the ANU Insight Service Desk at or +61 2 6125 8649.

Users seeking assistance in using the Feedback eForm should get in touch with Planning & Service Performance.