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The travel reporting project will enable reporting on data extracted from travel requests entered into the new travel approval system. The ANU Insight portal will provide staff with secure access to a suite of reports based on integrated travel data, which will increase the University's ability to manage and report on travel during any stage of the travel process. Each of these reports contain consolidated data but also have the capability to drill-down into a more detailed report containing individual travel record information, which provides greater context. The reports will lead to a number of benefits including:

  • reduced time and effort in collating and compiling data
  • increased confidence in the underlying data through increased control
  • increased visibility of proposed travel expenses; teaching commitments, travel risks, support emergency management plans.

The data in these reports is sourced from the travel approval system, Student Administration System (SAS) and the HR Management System (HRMS).

About the reports

There are six reports available for users to run. This includes:

  • Current risk higher than at approval - An exception report which identifies travel where the DFAT risk of a country segment is now higher than it was at the time the travel was approved.
  • Outstanding travel approval - This report lists all unapproved but submitted travel requests sorted by how long it is before the travel is due to commence.
  • Post travel not completed - An exception report which details travel approvals which are 15 days past the proposed end of the travel but have not been completed.
  • Travel detail - This report provides details of a trip including the full risk assessment and a summary of fieldwork activity. It can be run as a stand-alone report or accessed via drill-through from one of the other summary reports.
  • Travel summary - This report is used to determine a list of all travel within a date range and by the selected organisation unit. It can be filtered to show a list of travel considered high risk or which includes fieldwork.
  • Travellers by country location summary - This report lists all travellers who were, are or will be in a certain domestic location or country during a given period.

The underlying data are refreshed daily.

Report delivery

The Travel reports are available through the ANU Insight portal and can be run at any time by staff who have access to the reports by logging into the ANU Insight portal.

Obtaining access to the reports

If you are seeking access to the Travel reports, please fill out the ANU Insight user access request form and send it back to the ANU Insight Service Desk via email at or by internal mail. Even if you already have access to ANU Insight, you will still need to request additional permissions to the Travel reports.

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Getting help and assistance

Users seeking help understanding the reports and/or their data should contact the ANU Insight Service Desk at or +61 2 6125 8649. Users seeking assistance with the Travel Approval eForm should contact the Travel Approval Support Team via email at or phone +61 2 6125 4321.