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The Student Analytics project will provide timely and secure self-service access to accurate and relevant information based on student data. The ANU Insight portal will provide staff with secure access to a standard suite of summary and transactional reports in a phased roll out. The summary reports have the capability to be drilled-down into more detailed transactional reports, which provides additional information to understand an issue in greater context.

These reports are based on student data sourced from the student21 system.

About the reports

Stage one reports include:

  • Low enrolled courses - this report displays a list of current courses for the selected year with the total EFTSL less than 0.25 for the entire year as well as their low enrolment trend for past years, by teaching organisational unit.
  • List of course enrolments - this report displays a list of individual student records for those students who are enrolled in the selected course or teaching organisational unit for the selected year, along with details such as program, course and liability information.
  • EFTSL by funding group - this report displays a summarised view of the distribution of the EFTSL by funding group for the selected year and teaching organisational unit.
  • EFTSL by funding group - detail - this report displays a list of individual student records for those students who are enrolled in a course taught by the selected teaching organisational unit for the selected year and the selected funding group.

The underlying data are refreshed daily.

Report delivery

The Student Analytics reports are available through the ANU Insight portal and can be run at any time by staff who have access to the reports by logging into the ANU Insight portal. To obtain access to Insight, please refer to the section below.

Obtaining access to the reports

If you are seeking access to the Student Analytics reports, please fill out the ANU Insight user access request form and send it back to the ANU Insight Service Desk via email at

The access arrangements to student data through the ANU Insight system are undertaken in accordance with the following policies and guidelines:

Breaches of the Code of Conduct or University policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action.

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Getting help and assistance

Users seeking help understanding the Student analytics reports and/or their data should contact the ANU Insight Service Desk: