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The Australian National University (ANU) collects information on a wide variety of research activity conducted by staff, students, visiting academics and other affiliates. This includes information about our research outputs (e.g. publications) and research funding (e.g. grants, contracts and consultancies).

Research Services Division (RSD) in conjunction with Planning and Service Performance have developed a suite of self-service reports via ANU Insight. The reports aim to deliver a range of benefits including improved visibility and access to research related information to support research administration, strategic planning and operational level management.

The data in these reports are sourced from the ANU Research Information Enterprise System (ARIES) and the HR Management System (HRMS).

Report delivery

The research reports are available through the ANU Insight portal and can be run at any time by staff who have access to the reports by logging into the ANU Insight portal. To obtain access to ANU Insight, please refer to the section below.

Obtaining access to the reports

Staff who already have access to ANU Insight and ARIES will automatically have access to run Research Reports. If you have not previously accessed ANU Insight, you may need to request access to the portal.

Publication information is widely available and accessible. Visibility of grant records within Insight corresponds to the users’ access within the ARIES grants module. Academics will automatically have access to their own grant applications. Academic supervisors will have access to their own records and all other investigators they supervise as identified by the supervisory structure within the HRMS.

All academic staff have access to view their own reports and those of staff they supervise. If you are not an academic or are seeking broader access to the research reports, you may need to fill out the ANU Insight user access request form found on the Insight webpage. Please contact the ANU Insight Service Desk if you are unsure if you need to complete an access request form.

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Getting help and assistance

Users seeking help understanding the Research reports and/or their data should contact the ANU Insight Service Desk: