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The Performance Development Review (PDR) reports are a suite of dashboards and detailed reports which leaders and Human Resource (HR) teams can access to track PDR activity for staff in their area of responsibility. The reports allow for on demand reporting and visibility on PDR progress where there is immediate access to secure, timely and informative HR eForm data updated on a daily basis. The reports contain both consolidated data and individual record information utilising a drill down function to provide greater context.

Note: Only current active PDR data can be accessed via the PDR reports. Historical, completed PDRs can be accessed from the Electronic Records Management System (ERMS).

The reports will lead to a number of key benefits for users including:

  • increased visibility for leaders and HR staff regarding PDR progress by college, school and individual activity
  • reduced time and effort in collating and compiling data
  • the ability to view summarised information
  • increased ability to track, support and promote PDR eForm engagement for both individuals and teams.

About the reports

There are seven reports for users to run. These include:

Report Description

PDR college dashboard

Provides a college summary with number and proportion of staff based on their PDR states and workflow steps, grouped by staff/supervisors and by academic/professional staff eligibility. Displays the overdue/on-track status of the PDRs and the duration of overdue status. Some school-based results are provided for comparative purposes.

PDR eForm list

Provides details of current staff, their PDR details, the current workflow step of their PDR and an overdue/on-track status for each staff member’s PDR.

PDR supervisor report

As per the PDR eForm list, filtered by a selected supervisor and may be drilled down to the staff with direct reports in the supervisory tree.

PDR tracking dashboard

Similar to the college dashboard, however this is designed for colleges and administrative portfolios with some benchmarking data.

PDR tracking summary

Lists numbers and percentages of staff grouped into four PDR states: (1) initiated, (2) agreed and in place, (3) completed and (4) no current PDR. This report can be run by college/portfolio, school/division and filtered by academic/professional staff eligibility. The summary figures can be drilled through to a sub-report of the staff and their PDR details.

PDR tracking summary by overdue status

Lists the numbers of staff filtered by organisational unit, with overdue/on-track status of their PDRs, and by grouped durations of overdue status.

PDR tracking summary by stage

Lists numbers of staff filtered by organisational unit, showing the main PDR stages (initiation, mid-term review, end-term review, completed) and their detailed workflow steps. The report also includes the volume of staff with no current PDR.

The underlying data are refreshed daily.

Report delivery

The PDR reports are available through the ANU Insight portal and can be run at any time by staff based on the access levels outlined below.

Obtaining access to the reports

Summary level dashboards – accessible by all staff with a UDS account.

Detailed level reports – accessible by staff who have access to those details in the HR Management System (HRMS). Supervisors will be able to see the detailed reports for all subordinate levels of their supervisory tree. Links to the current ERMS copy of a current PDR will require ERMS sign-in and will only display ERMS content based on that user’s ERMS security profile.

If you wish to discuss your HRMS access, please contact HR Systems via email at

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Getting help and assistance

  • For technical support relating to the PDR reports please contact the ANU Insight Service Desk at or +61 2 6125 8649
  • for any assistance relating to the PDR eForm please contact HR Systems at or +61 2 6125 9622
  • for any assistance relating to the PDR process, or feedback and improvement suggestions, please contact the Culture & Performance Development team on or +61 2 6125 5966.