Payroll costing analysis reporting

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The Payroll costing analysis (PCA) reports will be distributed fortnightly via email to selected recipients (e.g. Heads of Divisions, Research Schools or Colleges). One report provides an area summary with a visual graph showing the payroll costings over the last six pay periods as well as an overview of the payroll variances during this period. Another report details the variances greater than three per cent and this report forms the base for identifying discrepancies in the fortnight’s payroll costings.

These PCA reports, at both the summary and detail levels, are also available in ANU Insight. In particular, PCA reporting in Insight contains:

  • a set of summary reports and detail reports that provide users with payroll costing insights at various levels of data grain
  • a set of audit reports that help identify data issues and monitor PCA reporting security.

Accessing PCA reporting in ANU Insight

Access to the PCA reports is granted automatically when you have access to the PCA reporting suite in HR Management System (HRMS).

Access arrangements for this system are undertaken in accordance with the University's Privacy Policy.

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Getting help and assistance

PCA report users seeking help to understand the PCA data should:

  • refer to the Payroll costing analysis reporting – user manual (located in the Reference documents section on this webpage)
  • get assistance accessing and running reports by contacting the ANU Insight Service Desk at or +61 2 6125 8649
  • if training is required, in addition to the above, contact