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The General Ledger Code (GLC)/Research Accounting Project seeks to improve Research Accounting processes, for the creation and modification of GLCs. Research Accounting is responsible for the recording and reporting of external funds received to the University. All funds received by ANU are allocated a unique GLC combining a fund, department and project (subproject if required). The GLC enables the University to separately identify and report on a whole of life basis, funds received for a specific purpose.

In collaboration with Finance and Business Services (F&BS), the Service Improvement Group (SIG) commenced work on the project in May 2018. The project aims to streamline and, where possible, automate the GLC creation process through an eForm solution. The GLC Request eForm must be submitted to request the creation of, changes to or closure of a GLC for S, Q and discretionary Q and D funds. Additionally, the project will establish updated Research Accounting policy and procedures that will standardise these processes across the University, unifying and simplifying the GLC application process.

Further details on the GLC request eForm can be found on the GLC Request Information webpage.

The GLC request eForm tracking report on ANU Insight enables staff to view or track the status of submitted GLC Request eForms.

About the report

The GLC request eForm tracking report provides visibility for administrative staff of the progress of GLC Request eForms via the workflow. For more information about this report, please refer to the ‘Reference documents’ section on this webpage.

The underlying data for the report refreshes overnight.

Report delivery

The GLC request eForm tracking report is available through the ANU Insight portal by staff with access to the GLC request eForm.

Obtaining access to the report

Access to the GLC request eForm tracking report is based on an individual’s access to functional mailboxes for Research Services Division (RSD), Research Accounting, ANU Advancement (was Alumni Relations & Philanthropy (AR&P)), HR Systems, college research and college finance.

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Getting help and assistance

Users seeking help understanding the GLC request eForm tracking report and/or its data should contact the ANU Insight Service Desk at or +61 2 6125 8649.

Users seeking assistance in using the GLC Request eForm should contact the Finance & Business Services – Financial Systems team via email at