Chief investigator financial reporting

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The Chief Investigator Financial Reporting (CIFR) project was initiated to develop research project financial reports which meet Chief Investigator (CI) requirements and drives the productive management of research finances.

The CI financial reports are produced for each financial period for the use of chief investigators, finance managers and other interested parties who have access to the ANU Insight system. The Planning and Service Performance team has made available a set of supporting reports including the CI financial exception report, the CI financial dashboard and the CI financial exception dashboard.

About the reports

CI financial reports currently available include;

  • Chief investigator project portfolio financial summary
  • Subproject financial summary
  • Project life financial summary by budget class
  • Project transactions.

For more information please refer to the Reference documents section on this webpage.

Report delivery

PPM Division provide chief investigators with reports, in PDF format, at the end of each financial period via email or through a link to their reports in the ANU Insight system.

At any time chief investigators can access their reports via the ANU Insight portal and can run reports for the current period and historical periods. Reports can also be run in different formats including Excel.

Obtaining access to the ANU Insight system

If you are not a researcher you will need to request access. Access needs to be requested at manager level or above nominating potential system users. Please email for more information on gaining access.

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CI financial reporting sessions - presenter resources

To assist CI financial reporting briefing session presenters, resources including the PowerPoint presentation, presentation notes, and handouts have been prepared for your use (please see below).

Getting help and assistance

Chief investigators seeking help understanding their financial results should contact their local Finance team member in the first instance and the Research Accounting unit in Finance and Business Services via or phone +61 2 6125 8739.

For responses to more general questions on ANU Insight please go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ANU Insight reference document on the Insight webpage.