Changing your account information

Within the ANU Identity tool, you can change your display name for services such as the IT Service Desk, change your password, and set/change your challenge questions to assist verifying your identity if you forget your password.

Change your Preferred name / Display name

  • Select My Information
  • Scroll to 'Basic User Information'
  • Change the details in the 'Preferred Given Name' box. You may need to select OK a few times to exit
  • Select Apply.

Note: A ticket will be generated to notify the administrator to approve the change.

Change your Password

  • Select My Information
  • Scroll to 'Change Password'
  • Enter the Old Password
  • Type in the New Password
  • Confirm the New Password
  • Select Apply

Password Policy

  • Password must be at least 8 characters long.
  • Password must contain characters from at least three out of five categories below:
    • Uppercase alphabetic characters (A-Z)
    • Lowercase alphabetic characters (a-z)
    • Numerals (0-9)
    • Non-alphanumeric characters (for example: !, $, #, or %)
    • Unicode characters (for example: (), ", :, or ')
  • Password must not contain any of user ID, first name or last name when their length is larger than 2.

Change your Challenge Questions

  • Select My Information
  • Scroll to 'Challenge Questions'
  • Select a question in the 'Question 1' menu
  • Provide the answer in the 'Answer 1' box
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for 'Question 2' and 'Question 3'
  • Select Apply.

Note: You must select and provide all five Challenge Questions before selecting Apply. Answers to your Challenge Questions must be longer than three characters.