Submitting a leave request in HORUS

This user guide will step you through the process of submitting a leave request using HORUS Employee Self Service


Step 1

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Login to HORUS and select the Employee Self Service option from the drop down at the top of the page.  

Step 2
Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service Page in HORUS
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Select the Absences and Timesheets tile in the Employee Self Service Menu. 


Step 3

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Select the Request Absence option from the menu 

Step 4

Menu of available absence types in HORUS
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Select the relevant absence type from the dropdown Absence Name menu

Step 5

Request absence form
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Input the relevant dates for your absence in the Start Date and End Date fields. 

Step 6
Partial Days

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If you request is for a partial day or partial day/s, click on the Partial Days section in the leave request form situated directly above the Check Eligibility button 

Step 7

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Partial Days can be specified as half days, or in an hourly duration by toggling between Yes and No in the All Days Are Half Days option. 

The Duration field will only appear when No has been selected in All Days are Half Days

Step 8

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In order to submit an absence request, you must click on the Check Eligibility button. 

The system will check your balances and future leave requests to ensure that you have the required amount of leave accruals to complete the transaction. 

To view your Eligibility Details, click on the corresponding hyperlink next to the Check Eligibility button. 

Any comments pertaining to the application can be added in the Comments box and will be visible by your supervisor. 

Step 9

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The Partial Days menu allows you to select partial leave for;

  • all days in the leave period
  • the last (end) day of your leave period
  • the first (start) day of your leave period,
  • or both the first and last day of your leave period. 


Step 10
Ineligible messages

Eligibility error message
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As well as your current leave balances, the system takes into concideration any future leave applications which have been approved in the system when determining your eligibility. 

If you do not have enough leave accruals to due to a future dated absence, you will be promted to review your forecast details and adjust the absence request accordignly, or to contact your local HR area for advise. 


Step 11
Upload supporting documents

Upload supporting documents
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Any supporting documents, e.g. doctor’s certificate, will need to be uploaded with the application. 

Before submitting the request, click on the Add Attachment button in the Supporting Documents section to upload a file from your computer.

Step 12

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When you are happy with your dates and have checked your eligibility, click on the green Submit button. You will be promted to confirm that you would like to submit the application, which will then route to your supervisor for approval. 


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