Security Roles in ES Financials

Operator roles define what functions, pages and reports you will be granted access to, depending on the role that you are toperform.  You can be assigned multiple roles per module, if you are performing multiple roles. All Users will automatically receive all Inquiry Access (including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger Inquiries and Accounts Payable Workflow) plus accessto the Accounts Payable Workflow pages (updating of these transactions is restricted to those users within the assigned Workflow Team). To determine which other operator roles you need access to, please refer to the Explanation of Classes.

  • Finance/Grants/Admin Officer: All Inquiry plus AP_OFFR,AR_OFFR, GL_JNL (plus Purchasing if applicable).
  • Senior Finance Officer/ Business Manager/ Executive Officer: All Inquiry plus  AR_APPR, GL_APPR, PO_APPR, PO_BM, AM_OFFR.
  • Purchasing Officer: All Inquiry plus PO_PO, PO_REQ,PO_RECV.
  • Stores Officer: All Inquiry plus IN_ST, IN_STREQ.

*Transactional processing roles are restricted to Financial Shared Services (FSS) and Areas not supported by FSS. Refer FSS Services Guide.

Explanation of Classes



Inquiry Access



Access automatically given to all users which includes all inquiry and reporting functions for all modules; Accounts Payable, Accounts Payable Workflow, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, General Ledger, Inventory, Purchase Card and Purchasing.

Accounts Payable



Access for accounts payable officers primarily responsible for updating accounts payable vouchers relating to purchase orders and non-purchase order expenditure.

Accounts Receivable



Access to approve accounts receivable bills (invoices) in accordance with the University Delegations Framework. Refer


This role applies to all officers involved in the creation of invoices and creation of new customers.

Asset Management



Applies to officers involved in the administration of assets, primarily responsible for maintaining asset records, transferring of assets and disposing of assets.

General Ledger



Access to approving Journals in accordance with the University Delegations Framework. Refer


Access to being able to create ACTUALS, FINANCIAL and ADJUSTMENT journals, including the ability to upload journals from spreadsheets.




Access to defining control data specific to a Budget Unit and performing adjustment functions for the store. 

-Restricted to the Store Manager within a Budget Unit with an inventory store.


Access to day to day inventory maintenance functions like maintaining bin locations, processing inventory requisitions, issuing inventory. 

-Restricted to store persons within a Budget Unit with an inventory store. 


Access to end users and store persons with the ability to create inventory requisitions.




Access to approve purchases (including purchase orders and requisitions) in accordance with the University’s Delegations Framework. Refer


Access to define and modify control data specific to a Budget Unit, for example Location Codes. 

-Restricted to Business Officers / Budget Unit Managers.


Access to building purchase orders from approved purchase requisitions and the ability to perform further sourcing on incomplete purchase requisitions. 

-Generally allocated to purchasing officers within Budget Units. 


Access to creating purchase requisitions that will then result in being dispatched as purchase orders, also includes the ability to enter purchase orders directly. 


Access to recording receiving details for goods and services. 

Access to be provided to any officer that may be the first point of receipt and recording the receiving of goods/ services and to any end-users that require access to recording the acceptance of goods/ services.