Re-use a Recording from a Previous Year or Semester

At times you might want to reuse the lecture recordings that you have previously recorded.

You are able to make a copy of the previous lecture recordings in a course that you have previously taught and share this copy into the current course that you are teaching.

*Note: After the lecture recordings has been copied, any future changes to the copy of the recording will be brought forward to the published copies of the recordings automatically.



Step 1

Echo Link
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Access the Watte course site that you would like to make a copy of the lecture recording.

In the course site, click on the Echo360 ALP Link.

Step 2

Create Copy
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In the Echo360 site, locate the recording that you would like to reuse.

To the right of the recording, click on the green play button, then you will be given a drop down menu.

In the drop down menu, click on "Create copy".

Once you have clicked on "Create copy", you will receive a warning message, click "OK" to continue.

Once "OK" is clicked, towards the bottom of the page, you will see "COPY SUCCESSFULLY CREATED"


Step 3

Personal Library
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Once the copy of the lecture recording has been created, click on the Echo icon located to the top left of the page.

In your Echo home page, click on "Library"


Step 4

Date Created
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In the "All content" page, just next to this tab, you will see "Sort by".

In the "Sort by" drop down menu, select "Date Created". Click on the arrow next to Date Created to show the latest created video

This way the newly created copy of the recording should be the first one to appear.

Step 5

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Notice the newly created copy of the recording, has (Copy) in the title.

Hover the mouse over the recording, click on the 3 dots in the blue box and you will be given a drop down menu.

From the menu, click on "Share".


Step 6

Share Class
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A pop up window will appear after clicking on "Share".

This pop up window allows to instruct Echo360 where to share this lecture recording copy to.

See steps below:

1. Choose Class

2. In the drop down menu select the course that you are sharing the recording to

3. Select the Term of the course

4. Select the Section, usually Class

5. Click on New Class

6. Enter the date that this copied recording is for, and also enter the start time and duration of the class

7. Provide a name for the class (otherwise it will be blank)

8. Available is default to Now and Unavailable is default to Never. (You are able to change these options as well)

9. After all the options are filled in, click "Share"