ANU TV through a set-top box

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A set-top box (STB) is used to connect television displays or projectors to the ANU TV service. A STB connected to the ANU network picks up the video streams and converts them to video signals that are transmitted to the display via the HDMI or AV connection.


Network cable

  • The STB is connected to the network via a standard UTP patch cable. The network outlet needs to be configured specifically to allow the ANU TV service to work, so STBs cannot be moved to another outlet without notifying Network and Communications.

AV cable

  • The AV cable has a multi-pin connector that plugs into the STB, and standard RCA or S-Video plugs that connect to the AV inputs of the display device. The television must be set to the AV connection in order to display the TV content.
  • STBs at Kinloch Lodge use a SCART connector. This is a one-plug solution that frees up the standard AV connection for use with other devices. (Select the SCART input on the TV)
  • High definition STBs such as those found in the Laurus Wing, Warrambul Lodge and Lena Karmel Lodge use a HDMI connector. (Select the HDMI1 input on the TV).

Power cable

  • The STB is powered via a low voltage plug pack. There is no power switch, so if the STB needs to be powered off or rebooted, the power cable can be disconnected from the back of the STB.

IR extender

  • The black STBs that are mounted behind wall-mounted televisions use an infrared (IR) extender to allow the STB to receive signals from the remote control even when the box is concealed.

Turning on

When the STB is initially turned on, it will take a minute to come up with an ANU TV channel list display. The STB can be switched to stand-by mode by pressing the red power button on the remote control.

Channel lists

From the home screen, channels can be selected by keying in the channel number, or using the channel up and down keys on the remote control.

Selecting channel 0 or pressing the Home button on the remote will bring you back to the home screen. The home screen shows a channel list for the local TV services and a selection of network TV channels.

Channel 1 displays a list of the mainly international TV channels sourced from Satellite.

As channels are added or removed from the TV service, these pages will be updated with the new information. When you visit the home page, any new channels or changes will be applied to your STB.

Remote control

  • The Amino remote control is capable of controlling both the STB and the television.
  • To change modes between STB and TV, press the STB or TV button at the top of the remote.
  • To control the TV, the remote must be configured with a brand code to suit.

Grey remote

  1. Simultaneously press and hold the TV and OK buttons on the remote - after
approximately 2 seconds, the TV button will light.
  2. Release the TV and OK buttons - the TV button remains illuminated.
  3. Now enter the 3-digit brand code according to the make of the TV that is being controlled.
  4. 010 works for the ViewSonic displays at Kinloch Lodge.
  5. Other manufacturer codes
  6. As each of the digits are entered, the TV button will briefly flash off and on again
  7. When the third digit has been entered, the TV button will go out.

Black remote

  1. Press the TV Mode button and hold for 2.5 seconds.
  2. The TV button will blink twice.
  3. Continue to hold down the TV mode button for another 2.5 seconds.
  4. The TV button will blink twice again.
  5. Release TV mode button.
  6. Enter the 3-digit TV brand code from the list in the Black Remote manual
  7. At each key press the mode button will blink.
  8. If the TV brand code is accepted, the TV button will flash twice and go out when the 3rd digit is entered.
  9. Once the TV code has been configured, the volume and mute buttons will work while the remote is in STB mode.


Televisions with set-top boxes are located in the following areas:


  • If the remote control doesn't seem to be working, press the STB button near the top of the remote to ensure that the device is set to control the STB. The remote is capable of controlling both a TV and the STB, and if the TV button has been pressed, it won't control the STB.
  • If the STB or TV button does no illuminate when pressed, check the batteries in the remote.
  • If you are not getting a picture on the TV the first things to look at would be:
    • Is the TV set to the correct input for the STB (eg. AV1 - Libraries, SCART - Kinloch Lodge, HDMI1 - Ursula Laurus Wing)
    • Is the set-top box (STB) turned on? There should be a red light showing on the front. If not, you can turn it on using the remote by pressing the STB button and then the red on/off button. The light on the STB should blink in response to pressing buttons on the remote.
    • Is the cable between the STB and TV plugged in properly at both ends?
    • Is the blue network cable plugged in to the STB and to the wall outlet?
    • Is the power pack plugged in properly to the wall and into the STB?

If none of these work, you can try rebooting the STB by turning it off and then on again at the power point.