ANU TV recording

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Recording from a set-top box

You can record from the video output of a set-top box (STB) using a VCR, DVR, or DVD between the STB and the TV.

Recording on a desktop

You can record ANU TV on your desktop using VLC. VLC is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

To record on a Mac

  1. Navigate to the File menu in the top left hand corner of the screen.
  2. Select Streaming/Export Wizard.

To record on Windows or Linux

  1. Navigate to the File menu in the top left hand corner of the screen.
  2. Select Wizard

Staff and students must ensure the terms and conditions of the rights holder are adhered to when recording and communicating a resource. Staff must either:

  • purchase rights for classroom use; or
  • communicate with the rights holder to obtain rights for classroom use.

Access to, and use of, the University’s IT and information infrastructure requires users to meet the obligations of ANU policies, including the Acceptable use of Information Infrastructure Policy. Users must not contravene any provision of the Copyright Act 1968 and as such, the downloading or sharing of pirate content using the University’s information infrastructure or network is not permitted.

A range of media companies offer streaming services and the ANU Library offers access to material through a number of services such as Kanopy. Branch libraries can provide information on individual titles and any access conditions.