ANU TV on your desktop computer

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Viewing ANU TV on a desktop computer is available in most areas across campus. Contact your Local IT Support Staff (LITSS) to see if the TV service has been enabled on your network. Please note that ANU TV is not enabled on wireless networks.

VLC application

The VLC application is available for Mac, Windows and Linux and is easy to use. Please note VLC application versions 2.0 and 2.0.1 have prevented users from getting the best ANU TV experience and use of version 1 is recommended. To download version one: (Mac) (Windows)

When you do the VLC application installation, make sure to select the IE (ActiveX)/Mozilla plug-in option. A web-based channel selection and viewing system that uses these plug-ins is in development. Mac users will need to download the VLC application browser plugin separately. (

SAP announcements

You just need to turn on SAP Announcements in the service discovery setting, and the playlist will automatically fill with the channel lists.

Mac OSX: File > Services Discovery > Network Streams (SAP)

Windows: View > Playlist - then - Local Network > Network Streams (SAP)

To permanently enable the SAP announcements, you need to check SAP in the preferences window. If you get an ipv6 error, turn it off in the SAP preferences window.

Locally streamed services

Services streamed locally can be found in the ANUTV groups on the playlist.

  • ANUTV Local - Local television channels
  • ANUTV International - Satellite television and channels sourced from the International Research networks
  • ANURadio - Local and international radio.

Expand each group by clicking on the triangle alongside the group name.

Double click on the name of the channel you wish to view.

To view the picture in full screen mode, double click on the video screen. Double clicking again will return to the normal window.

Picture quality

Picture quality can be improved using deinterlacing.

Video > Deinterlace > Blend.

Web based viewing

A web based viewing system is available via the ANU TV website.

This service requires the VLC Plug-in to be installed in your browser (see above).