ARIES Human Ethics Tips

As ARIES is used more widely across Campus, the idiosyncrasies are more prevalent. To assist researchers with their ARIES protocol application, the following has been provided for their information.

Starting a new protocol application

  • Unless you know that your protocol is high risk start by creating an Expedited protocol. The system will guide you through a series of questions, then if it is judged a high risk protocol, you will automatically be taken to the Full protocol creation screen without losing any data.

Filling out your protocol application

  • If you are filling out an Expedited protocol and you come to the Questions tab click the 'Yes' option only after you have read the 'Info button' and you are confident the question applies to your research. PLEASE NOTE: Internet Explorer version 6 does not display the 'Info buttons' correctly - alternatively, Mozilla Firefox or any other version of Internet Explorer will display the 'Info buttons' correctly
  • Click Yes to add department, the system needs to store the Faculty/School/Centre and Department information.
  • Please insert the relevant expertise information on the Investigator tab. A number of protocols have been entered without this data. Your protocol will not be considered for approval without this information.
  • ARIES will only accept dates in the dd/mm/yyyy format. Ensure the '/' character is used
  • Requested start date is the date you wish to start your data collection. Requested end date is when your data collection is complete. This date can be changed after you have approval via a montoring report which will be sent to you annually or via avariation request. Regardless of your requested end date, you still have 5 years approval if needed
  • You can print a hardcopy at any stage during your data entry and after submitting the application. **Any changes must be made through ARIES, not the PDF document. If you have submitted the protocol application, you will not be able to edit the protocol. Please contact the Ethics Office if you have submitted, and wish to edit your protocol.**
  • The documents uploaded to the documents tab must be uniquely named. The following convention can be used: Year_ProtocolNo._Surname_document description.doc / pdf. For example, 2007_123_Smith_InformationSheet.doc. If you delete a document, the replacement document will need to be given a new name. For example, 2007_123_Smith_InformationSheet1.doc
  • To display a list of your protocols use the options in 'Additional Filters':
    • View protocols created by me
    • View protocols where I am an Investigator

    Alternatively, you can 'Search' by your surname, which will also display a list of protocols that you are on.

PLEASE NOTE: Each protocol application needs to be SIGNED before it will be processed

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