ANU Research Information Enterprise System

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The ANU Research Information Enterprise System (ARIES) is used to manage the research activities and outputs across the university.

The system has several modules, including Contracts/GrantsPublicationsAnimal EthicsHuman Ethics, Reporting and ERA.

If you are an administrator, you will need to apply for access to the relevant module. In some cases, you will need to undertake training and receive your manager's approval before access is given.


Complete one of the following registration forms:

ARIES - New Investigator or Author registration

ARIES - New administrative user registration for Grants/Publications module

Other forms

ANU research data request

ANU request for a new Funds Provider or Scheme


Grants administrators and publication officers should register their interest with RSD by completing and submitting the form ARIES - New administrative user registration for Grants/Publications module.

Additionally, the following links provide video tutorials of some ARIES grant administrator functions. (log in using your HORUS/ARIES password)

ARIES - Main details tab

ARIES - Funding amounts

ARIES - Contract & Links

ARIES - Progress steps, Notes & Documents

ARIES - Milestones

ARIES - Searching for a grant

ARIES - Investigators, Departments & Coding

ARIES - Schemes

RSD will contact the individuals to arrange a mutually convenient training time.

Ethics approval

If your research involves animals, you must receive approval from the The Australian National University's Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee (AEEC) before you can commence. Please contact our Research Integrity team if you have any queries.

Common problems

User profile does not exist

Administrative staff receiving the message "That user profile/account does not exist in ARIES" should also use the registration form, available on the ARIES page. This will ensure they add their contact details so that they can be informed when the account has been created.

The form should be complete, including University Id (obtainable from your HR Office or your Local IT staff contact). Any problems should be described in the Comments box. Missing items are likely to delay the creation of the account and may be referred back to the person requesting the account.

Unable to upload documents

Please be aware that documents larger than 11 MB may fail to load. When you receive an error message the document must be renamed before trying to upload the document again. Refer to the user guide on reducing file size.


ANU Enterprise System Tier 1

Governance group

ARIES Steering Committee


Information Technology Services

  • Management of contract with supplier
  • Systems admin support with supplier
  • Server space
  • Integration with other relevant ANU Enterprise Systems in accordance with the ANU Enterprise Architecture

Business owner

  • Specification of business requirements
  • Maintenance of relevant ANU Policy

Embedded Support Team

  • End user training and support, including user documentation
  • User Acceptance Testing


  • Communication of requests to supplier
  • Delivery of requested enhancements/bug fixes within an adequate time frame
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