Recharge lets you add credit to your print quota via self-service Recharge kiosks across all Library locations or via Recharge online.

Recharge kiosks let students and staff purchase additional print credit using EFTPOS; purchase and combine Recharge vouchers; refund print credit; and get a print quota balance. The Recharge kiosk in the Chifley Library is the only Recharge kiosk offering a cash service to purchase print credit. At the Recharge kiosk:

  1. Press Top up your card.
  2. Tap your ANU ID card on the sensor.
    • Only your added credit balance is shown.
  3. Enter the total amount of credit you wish to add to your credit balance.
    • Press Print/Copy charges to display the number of prints or copies your added credit will buy (optional).
  4. Press Confirm amount to confirm or Back to cancel.
  5. You will now be asked to continue your transaction by using the attached EFTPOS card reader.
  6. Once the EFTPOS transaction is complete you will be asked whether you would like to print your receipt. Press Yes or No to complete your transaction.

Recharge online lets students and staff remotely top up their print quota using a credit card. In addition to topping up their quota, Recharge online lets users:

  • Create or reset their Recharge account PIN
  • view how they have used their quota
  • set balance alerts that let you know when your quota is getting low, and
  • check or manage print quotas from anywhere, even abroad.

Note: There are several characters that will prevent you from logging into the Recharge online system if they are part of your password. If the following characters are part of your password, you will need to reset it. These characters include " ; * | &