For Students Section

Printing, photocopying, and scanning is available at Multi-Function Print Devices in Libraries and Information Commons.

Print quota

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are allocated a print quota to subsidise their print, copy, and scanning costs. PhD students or researchers with affiliate accounts are not provided with a quota.

Print quota is linked to your ANU ID card and the amount is $44. You will receive your quota in the first week of January and July each year. 

If you haven’t received your quota, please log a request with the IT Service Desk.  There is no carry-over of your quota between semesters, and subsidies may change from year to year, based on the cost of this service.

Recharge online

 You can add credit to your print quota via Recharge online. In the Recharge online system, you can: 

  • top up your credit.
  • create or reset your Recharge account PIN.
  • view how you have used your quota.
  • set balance alerts that let you know when your quota is getting low.
  • check or manage print quotas from anywhere, even abroad. 

Note: The recharge online system does not support passwords containing the following characters " ; * | &. 

Using a pre-paid voucher

If you don’t have your ANU ID card, you can still print, copy or scan using a pre-paid voucher, you can buy one via Recharge online.


If you need a refund for printing, please submit a reimbursement claim using this  online form. 


Note: photocopying costs are the same as printing.

Paper type Cost per page
Black and white (A4) $0.11
Black and white (A4) duplex $0.154
Black and white (A3) $0.22
Black and white (A3) duplex $0.308
Colour (A4) $0.22
Colour (A4) duplex $0.374
Colour (A3) $0.44
Colour (A3) duplex $0.748
Scanning $0.02