Phones & voicemail

Forwarding a Desk phone to mobile

While you can forward your phone, the preferred option is to setup/update your voicemail message rather than having a call forward put in place.   

Setting up voicemail

Please follow the instructions to set up voicemail. If you have forgotten your voicemail pin number this will require a ticket to be logged. 

You will need to speak to your supervisor/manager who should log one ticket for all of your team members via the Service Desk Portal

We require the following information for each person: 

Extension number 


Uni ID 

New Mailbox


Pin reset


Accessing voicemail externally

The voicemail system can be accessed by dialling 53333 if you are on campus or (02) 6125 3333 if calling from off campus.  If calling internationally dial +61261253333. 

Press # then your extension number.  Then enter your pin number.

Follow the prompts to check for, and listen to, voicemail messages.

To change your voicemail setup or message: from the main menu press 4, for user preferences, and follow the prompts.

Full information about the Voicemail system can be found here.


Blocking or masking your personal mobile number 

By default, your phone number is visible when you make calls from your mobile phone.  You can suppress your number on a call by call or all calls basis. 

Blocking for a single call

You can block your number on a call by call basis by dialling #31# then the number you want to call  

NB: This may vary for some providers, please check with your service provider if this does not work. 

Blocking your number for all calls

iPhone:  -– Go to Settings | Phone | Show My Caller ID | slide left to turn off (slide right to turn back on) 

Android: Settings | Calls | Additional Settings | Caller ID | Hide Number (to turn back on select Show Number)