Resnet is the wireless network provided in the ANU Residences and Colleges. ANU students can connect to Resnet using their ANU ID and password. Special access may be available to people without an ANU ID.

Connection methods are the same as connecting to ANU Secure, except you will connect to the Resnet network. If your operating system in not covered in the above, general settings may apply.

Resnet provides access to personal file spaces and wireless printing.

It is strongly recommend that you enable your operating system's firewall, use up-to-date anti-virus software and read the Wireless Security Recommendations.

Policies relating to wireless use at ANU include the Acceptable Use Policy and the Wireless Access Policy outlined below. All students are encouraged to read these policies.

Resnet Wireless Access Policy

Offered speed (inbound/outbound)



On Campus


Off-net peak (9am - 5pm)

256 Kbps

Off-net off-peak (5pm - 9am)

30 Mbps

NetComms may classify traffic on wireless networks into one of three broad categories: On-Campus, On-Net or Off-Net.

Resnet Policy Notes

  • Default policy is permissive, everything is allowed unless stated otherwise
  • Denied Traffic is the same for Staff, Students & Affiliates
  • Maximum indicates that no speed restrictions in place, however performance is subject to the normal constraints including interference, obstruction and current demand
  • Offered speeds are subject to change at short notice, to ensure a fair and equitable service for all users
  • Users wanting to send mail using a non-ANU SMTP server may do so by using a secure mail protocol such as SSMTP.
  • Acceptable Use Policy