Access Homedrive via the VPN

Once a connection to the VPN has been established, you can connect to the Homedrive server via:


  1. From the Mac OS X Finder, select Command+K to bring up the 'Connect to Server' window.
  2. Type in (e.g smb://
  3. Enter your Horus/isis password and select 'OK' to mount the network drive.
  4. The drive will now appear on your desktop and in the Finder window sidebar.


  1. Open Computer by clicking the 'Start button'.
  2. Select 'Computer'.
  3. Right click on the computer name (eg This PC) and then select 'Map Network Drive'.
  4. In the Drive list, select a drive letter.
  5. In the Folder box, type the path of the network drive \\\UniID (e.g \\\U1234567). 
  6. Before selecting finish make sure 'Connect using different credentials' is checked.
  7. ​When the password box appears type in the following credentials UDS\UniID (eg UDS\u1234567) and use your horus/isis password.
  8. Select 'ok', Homedrive is now mapped and ready for use.



Check user Manual for instructions connecting to SMB (RHEL6 example : mount -t cifs -o user=UniID,password="password", // /mountpoint )