About Wireless

The ANU wireless network is part of the Information Commons and comprises ANU Secure, ANU Access, Resnet and Eduroam. Over 700 wireless access points provide wireless coverage across campus.

All students and staff are encouraged to connect to ANU Secure.

ANU Secure, Resnet and Eduroam are available on a range of operating systems, and can be accessed by students and staff using their ANU ID and password. Eduroam is for visiting Academics from other Universities and will not work for local users.

Affiliates and contract staff who do not have an ANU ID may request an Affiliate ID via their Local IT Support person (LITSS).

Wireless software that supports 802.1x authentication (PEAPv1 with EAP-GTC) will be either built into your operating system, pre-packaged with the Windows installer or you will be required install a supplicant. See the ANU Secure OS Support table.

It is strongly recommend that you enable your operating system's firewall, use up-to-date anti-virus software and read the Wireless Security Recommendations.

Use of the ANU wireless network is subject to access policies and all users should make themselves familiar with these policies.

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