Securing your mobile device while travelling

During the course of your time at ANU, you may be required to travel internationally. This can include the option to take a personal or University-supplied mobile device with you. The following security tips will assist in protecting your data and devices while travelling.

Data encryption

Encrypt all sensitive data on all devices. Certain countries may require visitors that use encryption tools to advise the destination country's government prior to arrival. You should be prepared to disclose any encryption passwords to border agents to assist in decrypting data if requested. For this reason, you should consider whether taking sensitive data with you is absolutely required.

VPN usage

To access on-campus resources over an encrypted connection, you may use the ANU VPN service which is provided for all staff. The functionality of our VPN server is limited to accessing on-campus resources only and is not a VPN that encrypts your entire connection. It will only route and encrypt connections to ANU IP addresses that the respective VPN group is allowed to access. Some countries may restrict or heavily monitor use of VPNs.


Ensure you have an up-to-date and offline backup of your data at all times. Back up your laptop to an external hard drive before leaving on a trip. While traveling, use a cloud-based backup system to capture and backup new and updated files.

Stay up-to-date

Keep your operating system up to date. Make sure you download and install all security updates for your operating system and other software.


Don't save passwords in your browser and other programs on your laptop for easy use. Those passwords are easily accessed if your computer is stolen.

Re-image operating system

Re-image your operating system upon your return to Australia. This is the only way to ensure removal of malware that may have been installed during your travels.

Personal device use

Reconsider taking personal devices internationally and ask your Local IT Support Staff whether loan devices are available.

International Roaming 

If you intend to travel overseas and you are taking an ANU mobile device with you, please be aware your device will be covered for voice and data usage on the Telstra International $10 Roaming (IR) Day Pass plan. All ANU mobile devices on the CMP5 or CMP25 plans are covered by the IR Day Pass and there will be no exceptions.