ITS WHS Local Plan

The WHS Management System (WHSMS) Handbook is designed to provide a practical guide for implementing the University Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) and for people (both management and workers) with health and safety responsibilities to meet the WHSMS requirements.

ITS has developed a Local WHS Plan in accordance with Chapter 2.2 of the WHS Management System Handbook.

The purpose of the plan is to assist the Division to meet the requirements of the Procedure: Work health and safety planning, objectives, targets and programs and the National Self Insurer WHS Audit Tool (NAT CTH) as well as other relevant legislation and WHSMS Handbook requirements.

The Local WHS Plan should:

  1. have defined objectives, local specific key performance measures, timeframes and responsible person for completion to implement the University WHS Plan
  2. ensure other local WHS activities are scheduled, monitored, reviewed and recorded in accordance with University WHSMS Handbook, relevant legislation and other requirements
  3. be an authorised and resourced plan to enable ITS to monitor progress and take corrective action if required

The plan will be monitored and updated monthly and can be found in the Reference Documents box.