Flexible Working Arrangements

Returning to campus, continuing to work from home or a hybrid model

 Staff who continue to work from home or adopt a hybrid model must adhere to the ITS Work From Home protocol located in the Reference Documents section to the left of the page.

Flexible Work

Detailed information regarding flexible working to support post-COVID 19 work arrangements on is available on the ANU website. Key information includes:

  • Flexibility is available to everyone, noting that arrangements must take into account team flexibility, local area needs, operational requirements and individual roles and responsibilities as determined by the Deputy CIO / CIO, ITS.
  • At the time of publication, the Federal Government’s official position is that those who can effectively work at a home-based work site should continue to do so.
  • During the COVID-19 related campus closure, staff were given flexibility to continue to be paid their standard hours as long as they were able to contribute 70% of their standard hours. As the staged return to campus continues, all staff are required to return to 100% of their normal working hours, regardless of the location of their work. However, staff are encouraged to discuss their work pattern with their Associate Director – normal office arrangements, or a more flexible pattern of working hours or permanent reduction in hours – as long as it meets the operational needs of the area.
  • Staff who enter into a flexibility agreement are required to submit an Individual Flexibility Agreement and Schedule form to their supervisor and the Deputy CIO for approval to finalise their arrangement. All required documentation should be submitted in one DocuSign envelope, including both forms, photos and insurance information.