VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray player

All rooms with a data projection system also have a VCR/DVD combo or Blu-Ray unit to allow playback of Blu-Rays, DVDs or VHS cassettes. They play the image back via the data projector and the sound is audible via the room sound system. The VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray player is controlled via a control panel or a standard remote control. Most VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray players are capable of playing Australian (PAL) as well as USA standard (NTSC) video cassettes and multi-region DVDs. 

Formats that can be played

  • All region playback
  • VHS Hi Fi, VHS Lp
  • Australian + American standards PAL + NTSC

How to Playback a VHS tape or DVD

Control panel

  • On Control Panel-Select DVD or VHS
  • Screen will come down and Projector will turn ON
  • Insert VHS tape or DVD
  • Press Play/FF/RW/Stop on control panel
  • Adjust Volume and lights on control panel

Remote control

Some small rooms will only have a remote control for the projector.

  • Insert VHS tape or DVD
  • On the data Projector remote control Push Power ON
  • On the data Projector remote control Push Video 1 (Video Input)
  • On the data Projector remote control adjust Volume (Volume + or -)
  • Press Play/FF/RW/Stop on DVD/VCR combo or remote (if available).


Training on equipment in rooms can be arranged at any time.

For assistance

Assistance is available by calling 54321 option 1, 1 and ask for AV assistance.