Lecture theatre control panel

Push button control panel

Smaller theatres and rooms may have a push button panel. Installed in some teaching rooms, this simple push button panel eradicates the need for multiple remote controls and allows the user to control the data projector, volume, and input source from one panel. 

These panels will turn projector on/off; select the projectors input source; adjust the volume, and lower the screen.

  • Press the projector ON/OFF button
  • Select the Input-PC/DVD/Laptop etc
  • The Volume is adjusted by rotating the volume knob.
  • The screen will lower and raise automatically.

Touch-screen control

Many theatres have touch-screen control systems that allow complete control of the data projector; VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray player; lights; screen, and volume. 

The AMX touch panels are controlled by simply touching the screen.

  • Touch the screen to start if the panel is blank
  • Touch menu button required.
  • Touch control button
  • Touch System OFF when finished


Training on equipment in rooms can be arranged at any time.

For assistance

Assistance is available by calling 54321 option 1, 1 and ask for AV assistance.