Laptop connection cable

All our rooms with data projectors have the facility to connect a laptop. The cable is usually located on the AV cabinet or front bench. There is also a cable for network connection and audio if required. Once connected to the system, and the data projector and laptop are switched on you may need to configure your laptop to display the image on the projection screen.

Common problems

Problems may occur in a presentation using a laptop and a data projector if the settings on the laptop computer are not correct.

  • The image is not being sent out to the projector from the laptop.
  • The laptop resolution settings are set improperly so that the projector is not being sent the correct image resolution (picture is off the screen or half a picture is shown)
  • A MAC laptop has not turned ON the external display output so no picture is seen.

Setting the laptop display settings       

Set the laptop display Settings so that the resolution matches the native resolution of the projector. The most common native resolution of our computer projectors is XGA, or 1024 by 768 pixels.

To set the resolution        

  1. Right Click the Settings tab.
  2. Set the Screen area to 1024X768 pixels.
  3. Click Apply (if confirmation window opens click OK.)

Sending the image out to the projector

Laptops and MACs do not automatically send an image to the projector. The external VGA output must be turned ON.


  1. Connect the laptop to the projector with the supplied computer video cable.
  2. Turn on the projector
  3. Ensure the correct source is set on the projector controller P.C. or laptop. Now you can turn on your MAC.

If this procedure is followed the MAC will automatically sense the presence of the projector and send the signal out on the external display output.

Windows laptops

Pressing your laptops key combination several times (waiting several seconds between pushes) will toggle you through 3 different settings:

  • Image on projector only
  • Image on laptop only
  • Image on both laptop and projector

Note: The Function key combination may vary depending on the make of the laptop.


Training on equipment in rooms can be arranged at any time.

For assistance

Assistance is available by calling 54321 option 1, 1 and ask for AV assistance.