Document camera (visualiser)

Document cameras-also often known as visualisers-have the ability to display acetates via the data projection system and can also display pages from books and even solid objects. A Visualiser can capture and project any object in its field of vision.

Turning on the document camera

  • The power on button is located on the document camera.
  • The control panel will turn on the data projector.
  • The document camera input is selected on the control panel.

Displaying 3D objects

  • Place object on working surface.
  • Adjust zoom and focus

Showing a 35mm slide

  • Some visualisers can show 35mm slides
  • Insert slide in slide drawer.


Training on equipment in rooms can be arranged at any time.

For assistance

Assistance is available by calling 54321 option 1, 1 and ask for AV assistance.